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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My next project

Well, I've started cutting for a quilt for my older son now. It's the Simple Modern Baby Quilt pattern from Oh, Fransson. I love the fabrics, and even pre-washed them this time. I think I'm going to switch up the pairings a bit from the above picture, but I'm super excited and may even get the top finished this weekend since the kids are going to stay with their grandparents tonight :) Hope to have progress to show soon!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

EEEEEK - 50+ Comments

I am so flattered to have 50+ comments on my Bloggers' Quilt Festival post. Thank you all so much for looking, and taking the time to comment. It really is what makes blogging so much fun. Thanks again!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Buttercup Bag

Scroll down a little if you're looking for my Bloggers' Quilt Festival post! I didn't link it to the post like I should have...

Made by Rae has a free pattern for a Buttercup Bag. It's just the cutest little thing. I only spent about an hour on it from start to finish, and I'm no pro-sewer! The fabrics are from the Charisma line by Moda. I didn't put the optional buttons on the outside, and I used a polyresin snap (since that's what I had on hand), but I tried to follow the pattern other than that.

Next I want to get Amy Butler's Birdie Sling bag pattern ;)
Edited because I meant to post the link to the Flicker Group where you can see lots more of these bags!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Free Motion Learning

I've seen all the free motion quilting on the blogs I've been visiting for the Bloggers' Quilt Festival put together by Amy (Park City Girl), so I was dying to try it. Obviously I didn't want to start out on a beautiful quilt top, what with the possibility of it being a total disaster, but I also didn't want to just make a sandwich to play on. I wanted to be able to use whatever it was. So I decided to try a bib that my baby boy can use! It has a top, batting, and a back, but I turned and topstitched it instead of binding it. I'm definitely going to need some more practice, although it looks just a bit better than I expected. I crossed over quilting lines in a few places, and went outside the topstitching at least once, but I don't hate it! I love this Michael Miller fish fabric too. I found it at a sewing shop around here that mainly does repairs. They also had two of the pink prints from the Flea Market Fancy collection, but I don't have pictures of them yet. Back to the bib!
Click on the pics if you want to critique up close!
Ill definitely need some more practice, but it's a little less scary now :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bloggers' Quilt Festival


My favorite quilt is one I made for my baby boy. I just finished it this week, even though I was hoping it would be an Easter present. It's just a few days late. I'm still a new quilter, but I had such a great time with this quilt. I finally used some good fabrics! This is from Moda's Sleeptime by Lori Gardner. The frog prince is from a sheet of panels, and I can't wait to use the rest of the panels in more baby quilts! I even used a stripe fabric from the Sleepytime line for the backing, and the blue inner dotted border for the binding. For the quilting I just did a straight line 1/4 in. from the border seams, and then in all the squares.

I thought about stopping at the charm squares row, but decided to put another border on to make it bigger for him to play on it on the floor. So the final measurements are 33 1/2 in. square. The frog panel was 11 1/2 in. square to start. The inner blue border was 4 in. Then a round of 20 charm squares, followed by a 5 in. green border.
Thanks for stopping by and reading! I'm excited to read about all the other quilts in the festival. Feel free to leave me some comments :)
Join the Online Quilt Festival here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Disappearing Nine Patch

For my second quilt I wanted to still keep it simple, but add just a little more variety. I decided to try a disappearing nine patch. These are still cheapy fabrics for me, since I'm still "practicing." I like the color scheme. I tried stitching it in the ditch, but I'm not very good at staying in the ditch. I don't think I really had it basted tight enough (it seems loose), but once it's finished, I'll see how it looks. I took a little break from binding this one to work on my baby's Easter quilt, which is what I'm going to post about next in the Online Quilt Show. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My First Quilt

For my very first quilt, I followed Alissa's Doll Quilt Tutorial on the Sew Mama Sew blog. Now, seeing as how I have two boys, I didn't really have a doll in mind. But it's getting plenty of use. Here's the color scheme:

And here it is all cut and layed out:

The colors were a little wild, but I just bought some random cheap fat quarters since it was my first quilt. My baby loves it! It makes an excellent lovey for him, and I think the color brightness and contrast is what makes it the best for him. Here it is all finished up:

I think a few more of these are in my future for loveys for my kids as well as gifts. I defintely recommend this tutorial to anyone starting out with quilting. It was very easy to follow and I love the result!

Online Quilt Festival and Learning about Blogger

Just a quick post to say that I'm participating in the First Annual Bloggers Quilt Festival! It's being put on by Amy of Park City Girl. There's a button on my sidebar, and hopefully if you click on her name it will take you to her site. I'm trying to learn these little quirks and tips that most Bloggers seem to use. Now if I can just get my quilt finished in time!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Quilt Blogs

Well, I love reading other quilt blogs. I've found lots of inspiration there, so I'm going to start one and hopefully someone will read it. I'm just getting started in quilting, so hopefully we'll see lots of progress in my work. Thanks for stopping by!