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Monday, July 12, 2010

Quilt Along - Week 3

Here are all of my blocks so far for Amy's Simple Modern Sampler Quilt Along. It's a good thing I'm going to be sashing this because it's a little too busy all jumbled together like this. I just finished week three, but week four is already up, so I need to catch up a bit.

The new ones by themselves:

This one might be my favorite so far. It's so simple, but makes a strong statement to me. I think it looks like a Christmas wreath!

I'm glad to only have two bee blocks to make this month, and I'm a procrastinator, so I feel like I have a little time to work on some personal stuff until later in the month. I want to make another little travel pillow for my youngest son, to match his big brothers.

It's late and I'm off to bed now. :)


  1. i really like this! and you inspired me to get that fabric, so i'm going to turn it into a christmas tree skirt. :)

  2. it does look like a wreath. :) Love the fabrics.... but you already knew that. ;)

    By the way -- the picture in your header is too precious.