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Thursday, February 3, 2011


I was reading Jennifer's blog yesterday {That Girl...That Quilt} and was really inspired by how she finds the time to quilt. It occurred to me that you have to make the time, it won't just magically appear. She said that her goal is one quilt per month. I like that. It sounds possible!
So that's going to be my 2011 goal. Even though I'm already one month behind! Although I did finish two tops last month that still need to be quilted. I want to free-motion at least one of them, but I need to practice more before I try and actual quilt. :)
So last night I made a little scrap quilt sandwich and did some free-motion learning. It wasn't bad, but still needs work. I think I'll do one of these little scraps every time I sit down to sew, and hopefully I'll get better!
Then I got started on my February project. Since I was inspired by Jennifer, I thought her Quilt Along sounded like the perfect quilt to start with. I bought the fabrics months ago, when she was actually doing the quilt along, but never even got started.
Please forgive my horrible cell phone picture, but it was the best I could get at midnight last night. ;)
I'm using a Fandango charm pack, with some Kona solids. I like to make some sample blocks before I cut all the fabrics, just in case I see something I want to change. I'm very happy with how my samples came out last night, and I can't wait to work on this one some more!

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  1. i'm glad to see a post by you! it's been a while!!